Why You Should Practise Yoga on a Daily Basis

I started to practise yoga when I was very young, so I have known for many years that yoga is really for me due to how it makes me feel. Each time I go through a class, I leave it feeling great. It changes my body physically, gives me confidence, and improves my focus.

When I was in college, I took classes two or three times per week. It took seven years of teaching and learning yoga before I was able to finally establish practising yoga on a daily basis – since I had started to crave it by then. I started to notice that when I didn’t do yoga, I felt mentally and physically worse throughout the day.

Don’t put off your daily practice of yoga for many years the way I did. If you have taken a yoga class ever and left feeling great, then don’t wait until you have a hard time getting to sleep at night or injure yourself due to having a lack of mobility. If you need to have more reasons for developing a home yoga practice, I have compiled a list. Because yoga is definitely that great.

1. It is free!

2. No special equipment is needed. You can practise it anywhere: on the floor, on the grass, on a rug; even when you are travelling, you can do yoga wherever you go.

3. You can wear pyjamas. Just roll out of your bed to the floor. No special gym shoes or fancy yoga clothes are needed. Of course, if you want to, you can wear your designer swimwear and practise by the pool!

4. Your practice can be tailored to the pace and poses that are best suited for you. No class can ever do it better than you since everyone’s body is unique and has different needs each day.

5. Yoga improves your productivity. If your excuse is you don’t have enough time and you are too busy, try to get up thirty minutes earlier to practise yoga first thing in the morning. You will discover that practising yoga will give you more time throughout the day.

6. Your energy level is increased by yoga. In addition to making you a lot more efficient by helping you stay focused and relax, practising yoga in the morning energises you by increasing your intake of oxygen and stimulating the flow of blood across your entire body.

7. Practising yoga on a regular basis will help you get to sleep and stay there. When you focus your attention on the present and also on reducing your stress, practising yoga can reduce your cortisol levels and prevent distracting thoughts from keeping you awake at night.

8. Your joints are strengthened by yoga, which ameliorates and prevents the effects of ageing and osteoporosis; this can prevent minor injuries or falls from turning into major problems.

9. Yoga helps to save your feet. When your feet are bound inside of your shoes all day long they get tired and sore. Lack of exercise and unsupportive shoes can contribute to developing pronated ankles and flat feet, which can cause serious problems such as knee pain, shin splints, and plantar fasciitis. Free up your feet!

10. Yoga provides your immune system with a strong boost by lowering the stress hormones that can compromise it. It stimulates the digestive system, heart, and lungs to shed pathogens and toxins and draining your lymphatic system.

11. When you practise good posture on your yoga mat, you will be developing better postural habits throughout the day. These habits will save your neck and back from long-term tension. When your head is held up, you will move throughout the day with confidence and grace.

12. Yoga reduces anxiety. When you practice lengthening your exhales and inhales and focus your mind only on the present, your yoga routine will help to keep your anxiety under control.

13. Yoga provides you with much-needed “me time.” Everybody needs to have some quiet contemplation time, especially those who are caregivers or work with other individuals all day long. By first taking care of yourself, you will have more love and energy to offer to other people.

14. Yoga decreases inflammation. There have been studies that show that yoga reduces pro-inflammatory molecules inside of the body, which inhibits the growth of cancer and benefits individuals who suffer from fibromyalgia and arthritis.

15. Yoga provides you with a purpose. A very powerful way to start your daily practice is to set an intention for your upcoming day. When you do this, you are priming yourself to live with a sense of purpose and meaning. Your intention may be as simple as having the intention of being present with every thought, every movement, and every breath.