Why Are Website and CRM a Match Made in Heaven?

By: Luis Pérez

We have launched a new website last September which we consider as the window to the world. Our site serves as a lead generation channel and our form of communicating with people. This is the place where our visitors and customers dwell to learn more about our services and our solutions. Furthermore, it has been a home for our clients who seek assistance.

For optimum performance in all our operations and services, our team agreed upon integrating the CRM system to our new website. We decided to use Workbooks CRM to help us achieve impeccable results. We are excited to see how it works when associated with our page.

For our company, we believe that the website must be at the core of establishing a good customer relationship. We consider this as our management strategy. We want to inspire you to use CRM for your site and see how effective it is in your future business transactions.

Lead Capture

When it comes to process automation and lead capture, your CRM plays a significant role in attracting customers to come and visit your page. Our knowledge base and blogs provide numerous contents that can be accessed for free. But for us to support the entire sales team, we considered high-value content using Workbooks Web2Lead forms. It is always a technique for our website to give something tangible to the readers where they can follow up on.  Using an IT support company such as CVRG, can help this integration happen seamlessly.

Google Analytics

Our team integrated Google Analytics using our Web2Lead Functionality. Doing so allows us freely to gather information on how visitors check our page. Then, we are going to link the details back to the marketing campaigns in the Workbooks CRM. This is where measure our ROI. Here, we can track if we are successful at investing in money on Google Adwords.

Furthermore, we were able to enjoy higher customer intelligence using Hubspot and Workbooks CRM. For every visitor filling in our online form, his IP address will be sent to the Javascript snippet. Then, it will be cross-referenced against other historical records. This way, all visits made by the user on our page will be linked up before signing up. It also applies to the future visits.

We also would like to share that we have Workbooks API integration. This is matched with scheduled process effective for checking the leads against the Hubspot records. We want to know if they both acquire the key information such as first visit, pages visited, lead source, and last visit. Our team is going to enable clear visibility of all activities.

– Event Management

Events is an important marketing strategy component for our company. We regularly organize webinars for the customers and prospects. We use Workbooks with dotmailer and Workbooks Mailshot in promoting our sites. On the other hand, the forms on our registration page have been linked to the Workbooks CRM’s Marketing Campaign.

Every person who registers will be automatically included in such campaign. Confirmation will be received via email. Every step is automated and manual process is eliminated. We even manage each activity associated with the event and the suppliers using Workbooks CRM.

– Customer Support

We are using Web-2-Case for us to increase our teamwork’s effectiveness. But more than that, we want our customers to reach us immediately when they have support issues. Using the Web-2-Case form, all details provided by the customer will be sent to Workbook CRM. It means that contact details will be linked allowing our customer care team to receive such issue quickly.

– Support Cases

Our team aims to prevent the common problems encountered in customer support service. To do this, we developed a Case Portal designed to help customers review all concerns they have raised. Such case portal uses iFrame which automatically communicates with Workbooks to update information like resolution, status and case number.

Integrating our new site with CRM gives us several benefits. We reduce admin works, less human error, better user experience, and enhance customer satisfaction. We hope that these insights also help your site increase sales over time. We hope for your success in an efficient and intelligent sales process.