Who Are The Top Players In The Fashion Design Game?

The entire fashion industry saw a deep change since 2013. With a big focus on streetwear and flashy pieces of clothing, big brands are looking after the next big superstar in terms of design skills. With Virgil Abloh probably being the brightest example of how indie designers were able to establish themselves as industry leaders, let’s break down the rise and grind of the top players in the industry.


Virgil Abloh: The King Of The Marketplace

Virgil Abloh is the top tier designer within the fashion industry. Being recognised by Riccardo Tisci is not something that everyone is capable of, especially if you’re coming from a streetwear background and with no previous experiences as a fashion designer. Abloh’s first very own brand, Pyrex Vision, was already a success and when he launched OFF-White in 2012, the success was already there waiting for him. Being the current Louis Vuitton creative director, we can easily say that Virgil is the titan who moves the entire fashion business nowadays.


Neek Lurk: Flogging A Dead Horse With Style

Everyone knows the infamous brand Anti Social Social Club due to the fact that Kanye West was seen wearing their hoodie a couple of months ago. From that day, ASSC passed through accusations of stealing money (with delayed dispatches), major criticism in terms of design (by many considered “too cheap”) and much more. With that in mind, Neek Lurk is still a brilliant business mind, that was able to create a major fashion brand from nowhere.


Riccardo Tisci: The Definition Of Italian Style Abroad

Current Burberry creative director Riccardo Tisci admitted that “he just delivers good products” and it’s pretty true. With experiences with brands like Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and such, the Italian designer was able to iconize himself as the father of modern style, with collections that became classics and still are to this very date. With many approaching his luxury swimwear and designer beachwear designs, Riccardo is still a top player.


Kanye West

Yes, you heard it right. Yeezys are dominating the footwear market so it’s about time for us to welcome Kanye to the Olympus of fashion designers, especially since no one in the history of fashion was able to create such a strong image for his products like he did with his shoes and clothes. To this very date, Yeezys are the most wanted shoes in the streetwear market, which automatically proves the above statement.