Warning Signs that Your Air Compressor Needs Repairs

An air compressor is an essential equipment in the industry. When your company’s compressor stops functioning as it should or stops working completely, the issue can lead to delays, put the employees in danger, or necessitate expensive services. Each equipment requires servicing for it to function effectively. Your industrial air compressor service should be done whether it is a requirement by the law, when the equipment ravages of use steadily build up over time or when external forces lead to its damage. Knowing the basic signs of wear and tear, understanding usability guidelines and the product’s specifications, and knowing when to call in repairs are essential skills that could save you cash, effort and time. Here are the main warning signs that your air conditioner needs repair services:

Signs of High Suction

If you have a quiet air compressor, but it is showing various signs of high sanction, it is an indication that it needs repair services. If it is producing the air at decreased capacity or volumes, it is a clear sign that your evaporator does not fit in your unit. If you notice this sign with your air compressor, it is essential to call an expert to help you with the repair or service of your system. The repair expert will help you understand where the problem is and rectify it for you.

High Loss of Pressure or Low Overall Air Pressure

If your compressor is having low pressure, it is an indication of either wear and tear of internal or external parts, reporting issues or simply a technical problem. You can easily fix this problem by yourself, but if you are not aware of the issue at hand, it is vital to contact an air conditioner expert to help you repair the system. If you do not repair it on time, you will be inviting other problems that may lead to huge energy bills and the dangers of running your industry without it.

Air Compressor Cannot Turn on

When you are planning to use your air compressor system, and you find out that it cannot turn out, it can be frustrating, especially when your job depends on it. There are various things that can lead to this problem. The issue might not be as serious as you may think, but without the basic knowledge and skills, you cannot fix it by yourself. If you try fixing this problem and you find that you cannot identify areas with problems, contacting your air conditioner expert is the best thing you can ever do.

Water Sitting in the Tank

The water in the compressor tank needs to be released on a daily basis. If the water is left in the tank for some days, it can lead to rusting that affects the tank itself. The rust may cause the tank to break down or contaminate the water inside it, leading to advanced problems. An expert will help you clean and remove the rust from the tank. You can request your air conditioner expert to install for you a valve that will help you drain the water from the tank. By doing so, you will be in the position to prevent the rust issues.