The Dos and Don’ts of the Retro Sportswear Trend

Currently, retro sportswear is one of the biggest fashion trends for millennials everywhere. Athleisure is one of the most beloved styles as it means that people are not only looking great, but they’re also super comfy too!

It’s a well known fact that sportswear is really comfortable, but it’s not only the most stylish. It’s never going to work if you style a sports bra with a pair of jeans, however opting for the retro look gives you the best of both worlds. So, what does it take to achieve the most sought after trend of 2019?


Know your brands

One of the biggest aspects of urban streetwear style is having a big logo. Brands have made a comeback in a real way this year and the bigger the logo, the better. Not only that but there are a few choice brands that will help you to achieve the look you really want.

Nike, Ellesse, Fila and Adidas are some of the big named brands that have really perfected the retro look.These brands take inspiration from the 80s and 90s to create a really great look.

Retro brands can also take you down the completely wrong route too. Brands such as slazenger, Umbro and Le Coq Sportif offer a retro, but cheap look and can make it look like you don’t quite get the trend.


Festival flavour

When it comes to festival fashion there are very few rules to follow. If you look and feel good then you’re good to go! Getting the retro look right at a festival can be quite tricky however, as there are many different styles and fast fashion brands out there, it can be easy to get the look very very wrong.

Don’t over-do it at a festival and opt to style one or two statement pieces and combine with more muted pieces. Shell-suits and shoulder bags, cropped jackets and running shorts are amongst some of the more popular festival pieces. A jacket with a simple stripe down the shoulder can create a really good festival piece. A lot of mens urban clothing stores that sell vintage clothing that helps to create the retro look.

Just twist your trainers

Sportswear trends aren’t restricted to clothing. Shoes are a huge statement and if you get the right pair of trainers, you can set off your entire retro look. Style some running shorts with the right pair of reebok classics, old-school Airmax 95’S OR Asics can really help to create the overall retro aesthetic.