The best universities to study computer engineering in Spain

Want information about a career in computer engineering? Are you clear that you do not want an FP in computer science and what you want is to graduate from university? Here we offer you all the information about the university degree in computer science.

The IT sector is one of the sectors that employ more professionals in recent years, according to From the Complutense University of Madrid, we receive information that the salaries of engineers are increasing and that in the coming years more than 90,000 professionals will be needed to cover the growing demand for jobs. If for these reasons or because it is your true vocation, you are thinking about where to study computer engineering, stay with us and you will get all the information you need about this career.

What is studied in Computer Engineering

Studying computer engineering and info computer will mean that you will open up several possibilities in your future job because professionals in this sector do not know much about unemployment. If you have doubts about what computer engineering is, we will try to solve them by summarizing what is studied in computer engineering.

The knowledge you will need to acquire to fulfill the function of computer engineer are:

  • Knowledge of information and telecommunications theory
  • Knowledge of the theory of automata and the theory of design of algorithms and formal languages
  • Software engineering knowledge
  • Knowledge of artificial intelligence or knowledge engineering
  • Electronic knowledge
  • Knowledge of industrial organization and business
  • Hardware knowledge

Polytechnic University of Catalonia

The Polytechnic University of Catalonia Barcelona Tech (UPC) is a public research and higher education institution in the field of architecture, engineering, science, and technology.

In an extremely creative context, with a commitment to the environment and change, UPC’s research, teaching, and management projects are based on the principles of freedom, justice, democracy, solidarity, cooperation, sustainability, efficiency, transparency, and accountability.

Carlos III University of Madrid

III Carlos University of Madrid is a young public university, born in 1989.

The philosophy that presides over the institution highlights the importance of comprehensive education and aims to train fully responsible and free people.

Innovation is the word that seeks to preside over the actions of Carlos III, which combines studies that meet society’s demand with the option of taking some bilingual diplomas, including languages ​​in all curricula, exceeding the number of humanities credits to obtain the degree and the opportunity to study in small groups. Along with these characteristics, the university deals with research and the quality of teaching.

University of Barcelona

The University of Barcelona is the main public university in Catalonia, with the largest number of students and the widest and most complete training offer. In addition, it is the main university research center in the state and one of the most important in Europe, both for the number of research programs and the excellence obtained in this field.

Closely linked to the history of Barcelona and Catalonia, UB combines the values ​​of tradition with the fact that it is an innovative institution of excellence in teaching.