The 3 best nutritional supplements to help keep your immune system strong

Although many of us get lots of nutrients through the foods that we eat, sometimes we can fall short, especially when our diet is a little worse than it should be or we are trying to fight an infection. Below we’ve listed the top three nutritional supplements that we can take to help boost our immune system and keep us fighting fit.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is responsible for the growth and development of our bodies and helps us to repair and regenerate our cells and tissue. It also aids the absorption of iron and encourages the production of collagen in our bodies which helps our wounds to heal.

As well as encouraging the growth and repair of our body tissues, it also helps to fight off viruses and bacteria which is why an increase in consumption of vitamin D is recommended to fight off the common cold.

The white blood cells in our bodies are the cells in our immune system that protect and fight foreign bodies and infectious diseases. The consumption of Vitamin C to aid our immune system is vital as vitamin C has the capacity to increase the number and effectivity of white blood cells.

Probiotic Supplements

When we become ill, we are often prescribed antibiotics to try and fight off the infection. However, more often than not, as well as killing off the “bad” bacteria in our bodies, antibiotics kill off the “good” bacteria too. By consuming probiotic supplements, we are able to quickly restore the balance of “good” and “bad” bacteria in our gut that our bodies need to function properly and keep us healthy.

Scientific studies have also suggested that continuous consumption of probiotics capsules can strengthen our immune system, helping us to fight infections, viruses and bacteria that our bodies are susceptible to more efficiently. Most of our immune cells are located in our gut and therefore, by keeping our gut happy by encouraging the “good” bacteria through probiotic supplement consumption, we can help our immune system to function well.

Zinc Supplements

Zinc can be found in cells in our body. It acts as an antioxidant to fight off unwanted toxins and chemicals, as well as to aiding proper sense of smell and taste. Similar to Vitamin C, Zinc also promotes the reproduction of protein and DNA in our bodies to help our wounds heal, health supplements that includes can boost your immune system greatly.

In 2013, researchers claimed they had found significant evidence to suggest that increased zinc consumption helps the immune system to fight infection by aiding our bodies to fight off bacteria and to prevent or reduce inflammation in our bodies that can often be deadly.