How to Keep Your Shapewear in Place While You Wear It

When a person decides that they are going to wear shapewear, the last thing they want to deal with is constantly fixing their clothes throughout the night. If you are feeling good in what you are wearing, you should not have to constantly mess around with your plus-size panty girdle and adjust it to fit comfortably on your body. One problem people often tend to deal with when wearing shapewear is that it may start rolling down. It seems nearly impossible to avoid the problem of wearing something that constantly rolls down, but there are some tips that will keep your shapewear in place for as long as you choose to wear it on your body.

Make the Right Decisions Before Buying

Preventing your shapewear from rolling down while you wear it all starts with choosing the right items at the store. You should start by looking for a reliable and trustworthy brand that is made of only the best materials. If you are not in the store and are shopping from a laptop or phone, you need to make sure the company offers returns just in case the item does not fit you properly upon arrival.

The truth is that a lot of consumers get shapewear that is a bit smaller than their size. They think it is a good idea because the purpose of these products is to leave you feeling slimmer. However, if the item is too small, there is a greater chance that it will start rolling down on you shortly after you begin wearing it. Wearing shapewear that is too tight could even create an unflattering look instead of hiding those bumps that you were originally looking to conceal.

Put it on at the Right Time

When a person is planning on wearing shapewear, they will usually take a shower and then put it directly on their bodies. However, it is a good idea to wait a little while before putting it on. If your skin is even just a bit damp, it could cause the garment to begin rolling down instead of staying in place. Always make sure that your skin is completely dry before you put it on.

Get Creative

If you are wearing a corset that goes under your bust to conceal your stomach bulge, you can always get creative and use your bra to keep it in place. Put the corset on first and then put your bra on, making sure that it is covering the top of the corset to keep it right in that exact spot instead of causing it to roll down on you.

Along with using your bra to keep a corset in place, you could always use dressing tape. If you are going somewhere important and you want to make sure that your shapewear stays put throughout the night without causing you much of a hassle, add some dressing tape to the inside of the shapewear as you are putting it on your body and the tape should stick right to your skin.

Use Some Hooks

Although tucking works well at times, it is not always the perfect solution. If you move around quite frequently, you have probably noticed that your shapewear does begin moving and does start to get out of place on you. If you are looking for a better way to keep these garments secure, purchase fabric hooks that you can use to connect your girdle with a pair of your control briefs.

Wear Several Pieces Together

You will have an even better chance of keeping your shapewear in place by wearing several garments together, including control briefs, corsets, and even shaping slips that you can wear underneath your favourite dress. By wearing several of these garments at the same time, you can make sure that you are looking good, feeling confident, and keeping everything in place.