How to Add a Touch of Luxury to a Small Store

Small stores whether it sells books, coffee or something else always tend to offer a friendly heart-warming surround that customers love to return to. And if you’re looking for some new inspiration to help add more character to your store, here are some great ways to add a touch of luxury.

Quality Furniture

Any store can venture in Ikea and pick up a reasonably prices sofa for a store, and customers won’t bat an eye. Buying designer furniture makes the suite a talking piece of their visit. Making sure your customer love the surrounding and feeling comfortable will likely lead to longer and more frequent visits. You don’t have to spend too much either, visiting a local charity store might help you find a bargain.  A mustard footstool, an old bookcase and an unusual glass table might just be the staple piece the store needs.


Cakes and Hot Drinks

Depending on what type of store you have, being able to offer gourmet coffees, teas and foods give you a USP that encourages customers to return. It works really well in furniture, book and trinkets stores where people can spend a few hours browsing all their options. It a coffee machine can be bought for less than £50 now and even offering a nice drink can be the difference for customers.


Waiting Room

retail stores and hospitality venues tend to need areas where someone can wait comfortably. If you own a small hotel, a salon or a clothing store, having a comfortable waiting area can make a big difference to people having to wait around, especially if it’s not for their benefit. Invest in comfortable sofas, luxury bar stools and interesting wall art to keep people satisfied (to an extent).



Durable hardwearing floors are commonly the smart approach to owning a small store, but if you looking for a luxurious edge changing it up can change the customer perspective of the store completely. You’ll notice most luxury jewellery stores have store carpets in their store and it doesn’t go unnoticed. It a simple way of making people feel comfortable in-store and adds to their complete experience.