Why You Should Practise Yoga on a Daily Basis

I started to practise yoga when I was very young, so I have known for many years that yoga is really for me due to how it makes me feel. Each time I go through a class, I leave it feeling great. It changes my body physically, gives me confidence, and improves my focus.

When I was in college, I took classes two or three times per week. It took seven years of teaching and learning yoga before I was able to finally establish practising yoga on a daily basis – since I had started to crave it by then. I started to notice that when I didn’t do yoga, I felt mentally and physically worse throughout the day.

Don’t put off your daily practice of yoga for many years the way I did. If you have taken a yoga class ever and left feeling great, then don’t wait until you have a hard time getting to sleep at night or injure yourself due to having a lack of mobility. If you need to have more reasons for developing a home yoga practice, I have compiled a list. Because yoga is definitely that great.

1. It is free!

2. No …

4 Positive Signs of Making LIC Online Payment That You Still Don’t Know

Life Insurance Corporation Of India (LIC) gives us a strong reason to lead a fearless life. Uncertainty relies on everything but how we overcome such a difficult phase gives a sign of our potential. This is how LIC build trust in us and due to this we are capable to take challenges in our life because somewhere we know that LIC is there with us so if you fall, its policy will definitely save you immediately. This is the great sign of LIC assurance in our life. Imagine if it is its one sign then what will be the impact of its other sign that builds trust in t.

Let’s see what other positive signs LIC online payment gateways carry for you:

1. Acceptance of payment from a wide range of cards

This is the great convenience online mode of payment carry for your comfort. Now you don’t have to worry at all if your bank balance is not sufficient because there are many digital wallets like paytm, mobikwik, freecharge which accept LIC premium payment from the card as well as from debit card of an authorized bank.

2. Robust security measures to prevent any online fraud

Many policyholders may …