SEO Strategies that are Often Overlooked

We often don’t know what SEO strategies we should use. SEO itself is important to be easily tracked by Google in its search engine. If we do not understand what is used, it will be fatal. It is possible that the articles are not spread well and lack readers.

However, do you know there are strategies that are often overlooked by many people? whereas this strategy can be used to help your SEO process.

Here is the strategy you can use for SEO:

1. Eliminate the “dead weight page” pages

Dead weight page is a term used for several pages on a website that has been overlooked / seldom appeared but is pretty much blocking the performance of LinkHelpers Scottsdale SEO. Some of the pages in this category are old posts, product pages that do not generate sales (in the sense that people are rarely visited), archive pages etc.

The claim, by deleting these pages can increase organic traffic by up to 50%.

2. Shorten the permalink / URL

In one article or post, the permalink usually follows what is written in the title. So if the title is long, it will go along too. Long URLs will confuse …


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Service from Support Team

Have you ever experienced downtime on your server at night, then there is no Support Team that helps to fix the server? Or have you ever suffered damage to the server but, the Support Team of that server did not give any help to repair the damage? Surely you will have trouble to make server repair without adequate team. So the availability and friendly service of the Support Team will greatly help ease your work. Choose a Web Hosting provider with the best Support Team.

Server Speed

One of the factors that affect your Website’s image is the speed of your Website. Imagine if visitors visit your Website …