The Evolution Of Streetwear As A Whole In The Past Couple Of Years

Streetwear as a whole is the most prolific part of the fashion business. With billions of dollars being spent in both production and advertisement, brands like OFF-White, Gucci and Supreme have literally reshaped the market of a topic which grows (still) on a daily basis. Let’s try and picture what happened, in general, in the last couple of years within the world of streetwear.

Supreme And “The Limited Edition” Paradigm

Supreme is the brand which started the entire “limited edition” and “drops” paradigm within streetwear. The logic behind every release is relatively simple: collections are divided in “drops”, which are released once every year and, after that, won’t be available for purchase anymore. With this, Supreme increased their brand awareness by creating demand so high, that it escalated in a parallel market worth over $3 billion in 2018. Incredible, for a brand which was born as mere skatewear and fitness clothing such as mens gym t-shirts.

Gucci: Reborn

Gucci has gone from being a high tailoring, ultra high class, polite and “classic” brand to flashy, extravagant designs led by creative director’s mastermind Alessandro Michele. Gucci, since 2017, was able to increase his incomes by over 35% with just their …

The Dos and Don’ts of the Retro Sportswear Trend

Currently, retro sportswear is one of the biggest fashion trends for millennials everywhere. Athleisure is one of the most beloved styles as it means that people are not only looking great, but they’re also super comfy too!

It’s a well known fact that sportswear is really comfortable, but it’s not only the most stylish. It’s never going to work if you style a sports bra with a pair of jeans, however opting for the retro look gives you the best of both worlds. So, what does it take to achieve the most sought after trend of 2019?


Know your brands

One of the biggest aspects of urban streetwear style is having a big logo. Brands have made a comeback in a real way this year and the bigger the logo, the better. Not only that but there are a few choice brands that will help you to achieve the look you really want.

Nike, Ellesse, Fila and Adidas are some of the big named brands that have really perfected the retro look.These brands take inspiration from the 80s and 90s to create a really great look.

Retro brands can also take you down the completely wrong route too. Brands …

7 Simple Gift Rules For Wedding Guests

Once that wedding invitation from your friends arrives, you have a lot of choices to make. Don’t let worries about gift-giving spoil your anticipation for the big day! You can easily master the etiquette of wedding gifts by sticking to these sevens simple rules:

1) Give Something That Has Meaning

You can’t “win” wedding gifting by trying to out-spend all the other guests. In a lot of cases, the gifts the bride and groom will treasure most are the thoughtful ones. Take some time to think through what you know about the happy couple. What do you know about their interests, tastes and hobbies? Can you strike on a gift that suits their shared personalities?

Bear in mind that you don’t necessarily have to present the couple with something tangible. Making your gift an experience (e.g. concert tickets or a booking at a romantic seaside resort) can be a winning strategy. Surveys show that “experience” gifts are often better received than material ones because they present the new couple with an opportunity to make fond memories together.

2) Give Something From the Gift List

Couples that put together extensive gift lists do their friends a great favour and take …

How to Keep Your Shapewear in Place While You Wear It

When a person decides that they are going to wear shapewear, the last thing they want to deal with is constantly fixing their clothes throughout the night. If you are feeling good in what you are wearing, you should not have to constantly mess around with your plus-size panty girdle and adjust it to fit comfortably on your body. One problem people often tend to deal with when wearing shapewear is that it may start rolling down. It seems nearly impossible to avoid the problem of wearing something that constantly rolls down, but there are some tips that will keep your shapewear in place for as long as you choose to wear it on your body.

Make the Right Decisions Before Buying

Preventing your shapewear from rolling down while you wear it all starts with choosing the right items at the store. You should start by looking for a reliable and trustworthy brand that is made of only the best materials. If you are not in the store and are shopping from a laptop or phone, you need to make sure the company offers returns just in case the item does not fit you properly upon arrival.

The truth is …

Thoughtful Anniversary Gifts for Her

When the time of year comes around, it can be difficult finding the perfect gift. If you’ve been together for several years you may feel like you’re running out of ideas. However, a well-received gift is always one that comes from the heart, no matter what milestone you’re celebrating. With that in mind, here are some thoughtful anniversary gifts for her.


Weekend Getaway

Everyone loves to escape their everyday lives for a while. Choosing a weekend mini-break as an anniversary gift gives you the chance to spend more quality time together. Whisk her away to her favourite city, or one that you’ve not had the chance to explore before. Why not pick a place from her bucket list and surprise her at the airport? The most popular destinations for romantic getaways in Europe are Paris, Venice, Rome and Madrid. Plan ahead some tours and activities that give you a better feel for the city, allowing you time to explore the place properly.


Personalised Jewellery

For a timeless gift that will be cherished forever, then opt for jewellery. Ladies fashion watches are always a popular gift, even better is personalised jewellery. Pick a beautiful pendant or locket and add …

Is Cosmetic Glitter Safe to Use On Your Face?

Glitter has been a growing trend over the last few months, with this new craze taking over the festival scenes as the new must-have makeup look for 2018. Glitter is being used in inventive ways like never before, on both the face and in creative hairstyles. It’s a fun trend that makes your face shimmer and brightens up your style, what’s not to love? Well, although it is a popular trend, there are actually precautions you should take before applying glitter to your face to ensure it doesn’t damage your eyes or skin.

Cosmetic or Craft?

First things first, you should never consider applying craft glitter to your face. It’s often argued that craft glitter is essentially a cosmetic glitter dupe; being the same but cheaper. However, this is simply not the case. There are distinctive differences between the two that will change the way you view them.

For example, craft glitter, as it was originally intended, is used for arts and crafts. Therefore, in some cases it can contain tiny fractions of metal. Putting anything like that near your eye sends shivers down the spine. In the worst cases, if it gets into your eye it could scratch the …