Why You Need a VPN Chrome Extension

A one-click solution to online privacy and security

Although Chrome is arguably the most secure browser to surf the world wide web with, it is not designed to protect security and privacy like Tor. This detrimental flaw brings a lot of risks to your online traffic where sensitive information including access to your accounts and behavioural footprints can be tracked. To combat this weakness, an easy and elegant solution is to install a VPN Google Chrome extension. Here are the reasons why you need one.  for more information about website traffic click here.

Keeping your traffic to yourself

Do you value your privacy? You can keep your traffic to yourself when you add extensions to your browser. Your connection will instantly become secure with just a single click. It will also prevent unauthorized entities from monitoring the things that you do when you are online.

Better than Incognito Mode

Though the incognito mode will allow you to keep your browsing private, getting an extension that keeps your traffic private is better. It does not only stop Chrome from tracking your movements but also stops your ISP and DNS server and other entities from tracking what you do online.…

3 Ways Construction Tech Is Making Jobsites Safer & More Efficient

Every year, the number of fatalities in the construction industry keeps on increasing. In fact, in 2015, more than 4,836 workers were killed on the job site, and that means around 13 deaths every day. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways on how construction tech is making job sites safer and more efficient. Here are some of those.

1. The Development of Robotics

Perhaps, of all the potential game changers for construction, there’s no denying that robotics are on top of the list. One of the few problems the construction industry has to face is the fact that it’s quite challenging to maintain a viable workforce, and this is what makes robotics quite lucrative.


Robotics offers some benefits for construction workers, such as the ability to automate tasks that are not advisable for human because it can be quite dangerous, time-consuming, and challenging. By removing humans from this type of work, you’ll be able to improve the risk profile for the whole project. However, it doesn’t end to that– soon enough, robotics would also improve the predictability of outcomes, allowing machines to do the work accurately, quickly, and consistently over time.


The presence of robots also offers a

Is Cosmetic Glitter Safe to Use On Your Face?

Glitter has been a growing trend over the last few months, with this new craze taking over the festival scenes as the new must-have makeup look for 2018. Glitter is being used in inventive ways like never before, on both the face and in creative hairstyles. It’s a fun trend that makes your face shimmer and brightens up your style, what’s not to love? Well, although it is a popular trend, there are actually precautions you should take before applying glitter to your face to ensure it doesn’t damage your eyes or skin.

Cosmetic or Craft?

First things first, you should never consider applying craft glitter to your face. It’s often argued that craft glitter is essentially a cosmetic glitter dupe; being the same but cheaper. However, this is simply not the case. There are distinctive differences between the two that will change the way you view them.

For example, craft glitter, as it was originally intended, is used for arts and crafts. Therefore, in some cases it can contain tiny fractions of metal. Putting anything like that near your eye sends shivers down the spine. In the worst cases, if it gets into your eye it could scratch the …

The 3 best nutritional supplements to help keep your immune system strong

Although many of us get lots of nutrients through the foods that we eat, sometimes we can fall short, especially when our diet is a little worse than it should be or we are trying to fight an infection. Below we’ve listed the top three nutritional supplements that we can take to help boost our immune system and keep us fighting fit.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is responsible for the growth and development of our bodies and helps us to repair and regenerate our cells and tissue. It also aids the absorption of iron and encourages the production of collagen in our bodies which helps our wounds to heal.

As well as encouraging the growth and repair of our body tissues, it also helps to fight off viruses and bacteria which is why an increase in consumption of vitamin D is recommended to fight off the common cold.

The white blood cells in our bodies are the cells in our immune system that protect and fight foreign bodies and infectious diseases. The consumption of Vitamin C to aid our immune system is vital as vitamin C has the capacity to increase the number and effectivity of white blood cells.…

Learn More About a DDOS Attack and How You Can Prevent Your Computer From Being a Part of One

If you have been watching the news lately then will likely have noticed a spike in the reports of a DDoS attack. While you aren’t entirely sure what one is, the news report is sure to tell you that they are bad and are starting to become a mainstream way to attack companies.

If you are interested to learn more on the subject, keep reading.

It All Starts With Your Computer

Do you remember a time when you received an email from an unknown sender which asked you to either visit a website or download a file and open it? If you have ever clicked the link or opened the file then the chances are that your computer has been used as part of a DDoS attack.

How Does a Web Page Work?

At a basic level, each time that a person wants to visit a website they enter the www into the address bar and press return. The page is then displayed.

What is happening in the background, however, is a computer hosting the webpage which provides yours with the information your computer needs to show it on your monitor. For example, if you visit the Groupon Coupons page