4 Positive Signs of Making LIC Online Payment That You Still Don’t Know

Life Insurance Corporation Of India (LIC) gives us a strong reason to lead a fearless life. Uncertainty relies on everything but how we overcome such a difficult phase gives a sign of our potential. This is how LIC build trust in us and due to this we are capable to take challenges in our life because somewhere we know that LIC is there with us so if you fall, its policy will definitely save you immediately. This is the great sign of LIC assurance in our life. Imagine if it is its one sign then what will be the impact of its other sign that builds trust in t.

Let’s see what other positive signs LIC online payment gateways carry for you:

1. Acceptance of payment from a wide range of cards

This is the great convenience online mode of payment carry for your comfort. Now you don’t have to worry at all if your bank balance is not sufficient because there are many digital wallets like paytm, mobikwik, freecharge which accept LIC premium payment from the card as well as from debit card of an authorized bank.

2. Robust security measures to prevent any online fraud

Many policyholders may hesitate to pay their LIC due premium online because they have a big reason to question about its security measures. Their question is natural after all it’s a technology and a very trendy method for making an instant payment. It’s also necessary to clear your all doubt about technology so that you can also make efficient use of it like others doing. When the concern is about than not to worry everything is encrypted right from login procedure to final payment, your every transaction detail is protected from robust security measures.

3. Faster Payments

Conventional modes of payment like cash or cheque are very slow and usually take many days to complete the transaction process. This slow process might also overtake the due date of premium and compel you to make a penalty for making the late payment. In contrast, online payments for paying LIC premium are instantaneous  You can easily pay the premium on the spot using digital platforms mentioned above or can also login to official website of LIC both are known for making instant payment in an effortless manner.

4. Discounts

This is true that if you use cash or cheque and make the LIC premium payment via an offline method which usually conveys one thing standing in a long queue neither gives you an exciting discount in return nor comfort. In fact, it will always leave a frustrating experience over you. So, better to keep yourself away from this hectic process and adopt everyone’s favorite LIC online payment gateways at least in both senses, it leaves an exciting experience for you. If you make payment via online mode chances are you will get cashback or gift, coupons, or discount in return. Talking about comfort then regardless to say you can make a payment whenever you want from any corner of the world. The whole process hardly takes 2 minutes from your busy schedule.


All the afore-mentioned positive signs can directly bring positivity to your life without making you feel regret. So better to mold yourself into these positive signs and avail best of its benefits.