3 ways to make your ucas application stand out

The process of applying to university has certainly got easier over the years. With the internet taking over many different administrative areas, you are never more than just a click away from selecting your preferred university of choice.

However, don’t think that just sticking together a UCAS application form is a tick box task. Your application can also make the difference between going to the university you wanted to attend, or having to go to another which may not have been your preference.

There are lots of solutions to helping you succeed in creating the perfect UCAS application form. Institutions like Oxford Scholastica can help you identify the right path into getting into university as well as providing support in helping with your UCAS application.

However, we know that for some, this may not be an option available to them. With that in mind, here are three ways you can make your UCAS application stand out.


Get some knowledge

Reading the right books to researching the topic you want to study on the internet is the best place to start. Find books and articles written around your chosen field of subject or if possible, get a copy of the ones written by the professors at the university you are applying for.

Not only will this show that you are truly interested, it will make you stand out as an applicant when writing in different areas of the form.

An added bonus is, if you’ve read the course material and are successful in your application to that university, you will know some of the topic freeing up valuable personal time on your degree.


Get some experience

Depending on the course you are applying for getting experience is a great way to show that not only are you truly passionate about what you want to study, but that you will make the time to do what is necessary to get experience and knowledge in that chosen field.

If you’re applying to be a teacher, volunteer to do after school activities at a local school, if not your own. If you want to get into sports, run a club, if you want to get into web applications, build websites for local businesses or even phone apps if you have the skills and knowledge.

It all makes a difference.


Do some research

Every UCAS application is looking for a personal statement. Here, you are not only trying to showcase who you are but also showcase what you know of the course you are applying for. University course leaders want to see how genuinely interested you are in the course, if you understand that there may be long hours, or if there are specific subjects that you will cover that will make a difference to what you are learning.

The important part here is to understand that you convey your research into the statement. You want to show that you are not only aware, but that you are truly interested in the nuances of this course over another at a rival university.