3 Tips For Learning Interior Design Before Redecorating Your Home

If you’re wanting to change the way your home looks and feels, you can always rely on an interior decorator to take care of things for you. But if you’re wanting to potentially save yourself some money as well as learn a new skill, doing the decorating yourself is the way to go.

However, if you’ve never really thought much about interior decor in the past, you might have to do some educating of yourself before you’re ready to tackle your entire home. To help you with this, here are three tips for learning interior design before redecorating your home. 

Start At The Right Place

One of the first things you should know about decorating your home is where to start in each room.

According to Cynthia Bowman, a contributor to MyMove.com, it’s best to start with the biggest item in the room when you’re decorating. Usually, this item will be the most expensive part of the room as well as the most viewed or seen part of the room. By starting here, you’ll be able to ensure that you get this piece right and can then work outward from it to get everything else to be inspired by this …

5 Benefits of Hunting Your Own Food

Throughout history, humans have always hunted their own food. We are biologically meant to consume meat, and have ever since we have been a species. Unfortunately, most people no longer hunt to feed themselves or their families. Instead, they buy their meat from butchers, grocery stores, or farmer’s markets. 

This can be dangerous because you don’t know where your meat came from, how long it’s been dead, or what chemicals it has been treated with. In recent years, hunting your own meat has been trending again. Celebrity chefs rave about it for several different reasons. Here are just a few benefits that you too can enjoy if you start hunting your own meat.

It Tastes Better

Farm raised animals are often pumped full of antibiotics and other chemicals to make them grow larger and faster. They also have poor diets because they are fed as cheaply as possible in order to maximize profit in the meat industry. These things affect the taste of your meat. Hunting it yourself on the other hand, will ensure that it tastes as good and natural as possible. 

It’s More Humane 

A common misconception is that hunters hate animals. Usually, the opposite is actually true. …