B2B Growth Hacking: What Is It and Why Should You Use It?

One thing all business owners and B2B marketers have in common is constantly trying to find new ways to promote growth. One of the ways startups and small businesses push for success is through growth hacking. If your unfamiliar with this method, the following information will reveal how growth hacking can help you measure your success and expand your business.

What is Growth Hacking?

Businesses today cannot afford to sit still; they must continuously think ahead and look for ways to grow. Employing growth hacking strategies is the perfect place to start. Essentially, growth hacking allows a business to find the most effective marketing channels and take advantage of them. The goal is to connect with the business’ audience and scale the business itself.

Entrepreneur Magazine contributor Darah Baustein sums up the concept as follows: “Growth-hacking is the act of accelerating the growth of a brand, service or product through the use of metrics and creative, innovative marketing strategies and state-of-the-art technology. It entails bypassing traditional approaches and streamlining growth.”

Why You Should Focus on Growth Hacking

For many startups and small businesses, the focus is on growing as quickly as possible while spending the least amount possible. Growth hacking can do just that. Incorporating growth hacking allows your business to procure valuable information about your audience and their purchasing patterns. This is accomplished by combining tools that allow you to measure the efficiency of your digital marketing strategy.

Business Areas Impacted by Growth Hacking

The areas of your business that can be improved upon through growth hacking – and areas that need to be involved in growth strategy – include:

  • Marketing
  • Product
  • Analytics
  • Business development
  • Productivity

Top Growth Hacking Tools

There are many tools available that your B2B company can use to better understand your audience and adjust your efforts to their preferences. The following are just a few of the top growth hacking tools B2B businesses use:

  • io – is a sales automation platform that allows businesses to launch cold email campaigns. You can use this tool for a long list of purposes, including: outbound sales, inbound sales, account management, business development, fundraising and more.
  • com – helps businesses find relevant and specific content topics and keywords. The information it provides allows you to then create relevant content that will engage consumers on social media platforms.
  • com – aids in scheduling meetings and cutting out the back-and-forth, time-consuming emails between your team.

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