Top 5 Types of Company Videos

Different production companies in Dallas say, video content can help companies reach their goals both internally and externally. Read on to find out five of the most popular types of company videos.

Product Videos

When products aren’t self-explanatory, product videos showcase the product in its true form. They showcase each feature of the product and explain their functions in depth to the audience. Having product videos can increase conversions on your site. They may be the little push that a potential customer needs between being interested in the item and buying the item.

Company Culture Videos

As you’re stepping into the world of video production, a company culture video explains exactly what your company is all about and the goals that you’re looking to accomplish. These videos can be used both internally and externally to express the aesthetic of your business and your values. You can even share them on social media for all of your fans and followers to watch. This is a great place to express your creativity as a business and stand apart from the rest.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonials provide that human connection that is often the best kind of advertising that you can get. If you aren’t too sure what testimonials are, they’re interviews with past customers that are willing to share their positive experience with the company on camera. Which are great for any healthcare video.

The most important part of testimonial videos is that they stay genuine. Refrain from using any type of script, because that’ll be seen as being phony. It can leave a bad mark on your business that’ll be extremely hard to take off.

Creating an invigorating testimonial video includes short interviews and engaging testimonials that’ll inspire your viewers to do business with your company.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are built to solve a particular problem in the course of the video, with your product. Unlike product videos, they don’t go in-depth about the product. It’s best to pick a popular problem that’s the source of grief for the viewers.

These videos are also highly shareable, so they’re great for social media. Product videos might not age well since many products are frequently updated, but since explainer videos are answering questions to a problem, they have a longer lifespan. They can establish an authority for your brand. Also, since the video can be utilized with keywords such as “how to” and “hack”, chances are that they’ll be easier to find on search engines like Google.

Promotional Videos

These videos are essentially long-form advertisements. But, in order for your video to stand out against all others, you have to create one that’s fun, engaging, and exciting. You need to show your customer products and services in a simple, and easy-to-learn way. You also want to show that your business is a welcoming place that has great customer support. Also, be sure to keep it short and sweet. Having a long and boring promotional video isn’t going to get it seen.

Depending on your goals, each type of video can give a variety of positive benefits. Choosing the right video gives you the best chance of getting more sales and introducing your business to a bigger audience.