Tips for choosing the best school for our children

If your son or daughter has two years at this time, it is very possible that he has already been in the head for a few days with which school to take him. And it is surely that this is one of the most complicated decisions and it is possible that more decisive of the childhood of their children.

The school is the important place for our children. This place is the place where the first friends are made, where they learn to read, write, share and possibly, the place where they spend the next ten years of their existence, so, of course, it is important to choose it well. App Store: ;

And that’s how it’s done; you’ll be asking more than one. It is not an easy task and, as in everything, I am sure that at some point he regrets, but to give him some clues about how to start.

The best school is one that matches the priorities of parents for the education of their children: diversity, methodology, values, student / classroom ratio, dining service, extracurricular activities, sports, provision of new technologies. And this does not necessarily have to coincide with the best centers established by the rankings.  In general, not any school is valid for any child, especially if the student has special educational needs that requires adaptation of spaces, technical resources and specialized personnel, etc.

In these cases, it is necessary to take into account the specialized personal resources that the center has: Hearing and Language teachers, Therapeutic Pedagogy, Special Education educator and educational psychologist. We can find the sources on Internet as well as kids academy talented & gifted programs.

Public, private, lay …

One of the first things that parents should consider is the type of center they want to take their children to, there are many and varied options, for all budgets tastes: public, private, arranged, secular, religious, bilingual, multilingual, British, Spanish … and even if we want it mixed or separated by sexes. It is convenient for parents to share the ideology of the school, and we as parents should be informed, at least, of the educational project of school Google Play: .