Thoughtful Anniversary Gifts for Her

When the time of year comes around, it can be difficult finding the perfect gift. If you’ve been together for several years you may feel like you’re running out of ideas. However, a well-received gift is always one that comes from the heart, no matter what milestone you’re celebrating. With that in mind, here are some thoughtful anniversary gifts for her.


Weekend Getaway

Everyone loves to escape their everyday lives for a while. Choosing a weekend mini-break as an anniversary gift gives you the chance to spend more quality time together. Whisk her away to her favourite city, or one that you’ve not had the chance to explore before. Why not pick a place from her bucket list and surprise her at the airport? The most popular destinations for romantic getaways in Europe are Paris, Venice, Rome and Madrid. Plan ahead some tours and activities that give you a better feel for the city, allowing you time to explore the place properly.


Personalised Jewellery

For a timeless gift that will be cherished forever, then opt for jewellery. Ladies fashion watches are always a popular gift, even better is personalised jewellery. Pick a beautiful pendant or locket and add your personal touch. Lockets are a classic firm favourite because you can fill it with something special and meaningful, like a photograph of you together. Alternatively, why not engrave a rose gold mesh watch? You could have the date you met, your first anniversary or your initials engraved forever on the back of a gorgeous watch, a gift she’s bound to love.


Experience Day

If you’re looking for a completely unique gift unlike anything she’s been given, then consider an experience day. These can range from a helicopter ride across her hometown to wine tasting in the south of France. You can usually find great deals for experience days online, so make sure you shop around. You could even book a hotel for the night to make it more of a long weekend to make the experience even more special.


Homemade Touch

Sometimes nothing beats a heartfelt, homemade gift. A personalised photo album is a classic gift that she’ll love, and you’ll enjoy looking back on the memories you’ve made over the years. Or why not go a step further with a thoughtful video montage? Showcasing all the best moments of your relationship. Anything handwritten, like notes around the house or romantic letter is always a winner. She’ll appreciate the effort you’ve put into making her something special.

Anniversary gifts don’t always need to break the bank to show her you care. A thoughtful gift is all you need to make your anniversary a day she’ll never forget. So, cook her dinner, buy her favourite wine and reminisce on the good times you’ve shared.