The Benefits of Investing in Designer Brands

Buying designer brands may be a luxury for many, but there are benefits to investing in them. Often, we’re not aware of where the products we purchase are coming from, with no particular regard to how they were made or the ethics behind them. However, if you were to take a closer look into many high-street brands, the truth may shock you. For a number of reasons, it can be beneficial to invest in designer brands. Here’s a look into why that’s the case:


Higher Quality Pieces

The high level of care and detail that goes into creating fabulous designer wear is outstanding. Designer brands pride themselves on using superior quality fabrics to create ach and every one of their pieces. In comparison to high-street brands, designer clothing is always better quality. High-street brands often source their materials from the far-east, where many of their products are also manufactured. In many cases, the fabrics used are low quality and never as well made as designer brands. Designer brands also often have personal relationships with their manufacturers to ensure that the working conditions are good, and the standards are high.


Longer Lasting

In many cases, designer branded products are actually handmade or hand-stitched. This adds value to the product and also guarantees longevity for each piece. For example, luxury lingerie is often locally made, with intricate detail going into each piece. This also adds to the reason as to why it’s priced higher, because of the level of artistry that goes into it. You’ll also find that they hold value when it comes to reselling prospects.


Ethical Reasons

It’s well-known that designer brands tend to care more about who is making their products. There have been occasional instances with high-street brands where this hasn’t been the case, and controversy has surrounded the treatment of their workers. This is mostly down to the fact that other brands are searching for cheap, fast-fashion where designer brands are focused on premium quality products. They may be more expensive but ultimately, they represent their brand best.


The Resale Value Is High

Buying designer brands could be considered more of an investment than a one-off purchase. In many cases, designer wear can be re-sold for extremely high value if it’s kept in good condition. In fact, in some cases it can even be sold for more – think vintage brands like Chanel. In contrast, may high-street branded products have little to no resale value (unless never used). There are apps on the market that now cater for the reselling of branded products. Out of all the pieces that can hold their value; handbags, jewellery and clothing are amongst the most with the highest return.