Returning Styles to Look Out For in 2018

Fashion is a tricky one to get right. Trends can be misunderstood and when done wrong, they can make for some unusual, and often scary, combinations. One trend that seems to be back for good is a revival of 90s fashion trends and styles.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, then you’ll know that, slowly but surely, the styles you once thought had disappeared forever have been creeping back to life. To keep you up to date with the returning styles of 2018, have a look through this list.



Gone are the days of spray-on denim jeans. This year sees the resurgence of “Dad Denim” – think less “super-skinny” and more “loose-fit”. Denim has had a major revival and there are more styles on offer now than ever before and can easily be styled to your individual taste. For classic combinations, think T-Shirts, statement trainers and loose fitting shirts and you’re on the right track.


Tropical Prints

It can sometimes seem that menswear designers are out to play tricks on us, but not this time – the tropical print shirt is back with a bang! To ease your way into the trend, think subtle patterns and colours paired with dark tailored chinos or jeans. Even if the British summer isn’t on our side this year, your summer wardrobe will be.



This may be one of our favourite trends to date. Athleisure (or smart gym wear) is a trend that has seen huge growth over the past few years. It doesn’t matter if you’re a gym bunny or if your favourite hobby involves having a nap, everyone can get on board with this trend. Key items include tracksuits, joggers, hoodies and, of course, the ever faithful trucker cap which is great for a streetwear style too.


Flannel Shirts

Straight from 90s fashion magazines, almost every brand included a checked flannel shirt at fashion shows this year and last, but even though there are a lot of variations of check available, picking the right one for your style is essential. Gingham looks best as a simple button-down Oxford shirt, whilst Windowpane is a much bolder pattern that better suits a soft flannel cloth paired with plain chinos or jeans. If you’re a fan of check, but don’t feel brave enough to wear a checked shirt, why not invest in a checked tie or pocket square to add some style to your everyday work wear, or go with a hat or cap for an on-trend summer look. Flannel is also becoming a popular choice in mens loungewear styles, a relaxed look that can be worn outside too!