Reading in Bed holders, book lights and other fine reading accessories...

Reading in Bed

Reading in Bed

Exceptional products to enhance your enjoyment of reading in bed!

Reading in Bed

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Reading in Bed

How many times have you wished for a way to relax your hands and arms as your read your books lounging in bed?  Ever wondered how to both protect your book and keep your place when you fall asleep while reading?  Or how to continue reading, after your partner goes to sleep, with a light that would shine just the right amount of light on your book without shining where it would disturb your sleeping partner?  Well, read on, because we've got all your needs covered for reading in bed.

Reading in Bed with an OpenPage Book Holder

LEVO BookHolder

With the LEVO BookHolder, you can enjoy reading hands-free with perfect posture while sitting or reclining.  Featuring a cast-iron base on casters that's both sturdy and easy to move around, the LEVO will even hold your book inverted so you can read lying in bed!  From 4 pound novels to lightweight paperbacks, or even magazines or newspapers, this book holder's sturdy construction can hold it all.  No more awkward positions, tired arms, or neck pain while reading.  Your book mounts onto the injection molded, glare resistant bookboard, or may optionally be strapped to the bookboard if you're going to invert your book.  Once mounted, your book's pages are held open by two ingenious Page-Holders that can be rotated to fit any size book while still facilitating easy page turning.   Positioning is infinitely adjustable with the telescoping pole and mounts that allow you to swing, spin, tilt, yaw, and telescope your book exactly where you need it.

Our OpenPage® Book Covers/Book Holders are the perfect solution for easy book holding - in or out of bed!  Made of sturdy vinyl in a rainbow of colors and a variety of patterns, they are available in sizes to fit almost any paperback or hardcover books.  With spring steel inside and a convenient Read-Through Strap, they conveniently hold your books open for easy hands-free reading.  They also protect your book from broken spines and dog-eared pages, and they keep your place even when you fall asleep reading in bed!  Truly, you should never read in bed without one of our OpenPage book holders.  

Our Clip-on Book Lights are great accessories for any reader, and they're available in both LED and incandescent designs, many in several colors.  All can be powered by batteries, and most offer an optional A/C power adapter.  All project light exactly where it's needed and in sufficient quantity to actually read an entire page without constant repositioning.  All are both sleek and compact, and their lights are fully adjustable.  They securely clip onto any of our book holders/book cover products, or onto any hardback book, and most can also be used as a mini-desk lamp or utility light. 

Book Light in bed

Readers Clip-on Book Lights


Of course, your total satisfaction with all our products is assured by both our 30-day Return Guarantee and our Product Warranty.  And with our Volume Price Discounts, the more you buy the less you pay per item! 

Whichever you choose, your reading in bed is about to become even more enjoyable.  Oh, and do you know someone else who loves books and reading in bed?  You've just found the perfect gifts! 

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Reading in Bed