Overcome Your Own Clogged Water Tract

Drains of water that clog the trouble. If necessary, you can indeed call a repairman. But if the problem is simple, you can actually launch your own clogged drains.

Clogged water can occur in any waterway, either the kitchen drain, the toilet, the bathroom, or the sink. This type of blockage is two, that is partially blocked and completely blocked. Both can cause puddles.

If left unchecked will cause greater problems. If the problem is not too heavy, you can do these simple ways. There are two ways, natural or using chemicals.

Channel cleaner with natural ingredients

Baking soda

Prepare: baking soda powder (± 2 cups) + vinegar (± 1 cup) + boiling water to taste


  • pour a cup of baking soda powder into a jammed sewer until baking soda reaches the clogged part
  • next, pour two cups of boiling water and let stand for a few minutes
  • add another cup of baking soda powder into the pipe and immediately pour a cup of vinegar
  • close the sink hole. The ingredients of the mixture will react and bring up the foam and bursts like a rumble
  • when the foam is gone, pour two more cups of boiling water into the duct



Prepare: ½ kg of salt/ cheap and hot water


  • boil water about 5 liters to boil and then put ½ kg of salt. Stir until well mixed and let stand for a moment
  • pour the salt water mixture into the clogged drains and wait for about 2-3 hours (much longer much better)
  • Flush clean

Water-based drainage cleaners

The most commonly used chemical is caustic soda. This fire soda can be found in the building store. Most caustic soda is a liquid, powdered, or like small crystal chunks.

Prepare: enough caustic soda, gloves, and masks (for your self-protection), enough hot water, dry containers (to melt caustic soda)


– Open the caustic soda from the package, put it in a dry container

– After that enter enough hot water into the container to dissolve the fire soda. In order to sparkle soda quickly and evenly, you can help by stirring the solution

– pour the solution of the caustic soda into the blocked drainage pipe. Leave it for a moment. Usually there will be a roar of a sign of a solution of caustic soda starting to react.

– give a gap between 5-6 hours for the blockage to be completely destroyed before using the drain as usual.

If the above methods have not been able to overcome the obstruction of the water channel, then there may be a broken / bent pipe or total blockage. Well, if that’s the case, you should submit handling to the expert, the services of unloading plumbing. If you can’t handle it self, you can contact us at : 0422 006 129 or visit our site at http://www.plumberrozelle.com.au/blocked-drains/ maybe use full.