For you Web Developer, Hosting is certainly not something foreign, let alone a Website always needs Hosting. You also know that Hosting greatly affects the value of your Website according to the visitors, so you definitely want a high quality Hosting so that your Website can be accessed easily, quickly and safely. But do you know that the quality of products and services of each Web Hosting provider is different? How to choose the best Web Hosting provider? Check out some surefire ways to choose the best Hosting.

Service from Support Team

Have you ever experienced downtime on your server at night, then there is no Support Team that helps to fix the server? Or have you ever suffered damage to the server but, the Support Team of that server did not give any help to repair the damage? Surely you will have trouble to make server repair without adequate team. So the availability and friendly service of the Support Team will greatly help ease your work. Choose a Web Hosting provider with the best Support Team.

Server Speed

One of the factors that affect your Website’s image is the speed of your Website. Imagine if visitors visit your Website then your Website is very slow. Consider again the server specifications that you will use for the Website to remain comfortable when accessed by visitors. Choose the best quality server specifications and match your Website needs.


Uptime Server and Network

You certainly do not want your Website down or inaccessible to visitors, so pay attention back to the Web Hosting provider you choose. Server and network uptime is affected by machine, network and security. Notice if the Hosting is often attacked like a misbehaving or bad guy who wants to enter your website for things that are not good. It can harm your Website and your server.


Back Up Data

Have you ever experienced the loss of your Website data for a variety of reasons? Obviously this is very disturbing work and spend your time. Make sure again that the Web Hosting provider helps you to back up your data. Ask them the time period they back up your data so you do not lose the important data.

Security System

Imagine if suddenly on your Website, appearing images that can cause controversy? You can suffer huge losses especially if your data is duplicated or lost by the less responsible parties. Server security system is very important to prevent such things. Ask the security system of the server that you will use to your Web Hosting provider. Have they installed the best security system or they have installed a firewall to prevent unnatural activity.


Facilities from Hosting

Every Web Developer would want to build a Website with various advanced features. This can not be done if your hosting does not support those features. Before you buy Hosting, check back whether the facility from Hosting already supports the features you want. In general, there are some things that should already be installed on Hosting, such as PHP, MySQL Database, Perl with a fairly new version. Other features such as mailbox access via IMAP, POP3 or forwarding. Meanwhile, to facilitate you to upload Website, there must be features FTP, SSH, Control Panel and others. Do not forget to also have Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam installed.


Credibility of the Company

The credibility of the Web Hosting provider is crucial to the sustainability of your Hosting. Check back the business entity of the company, the location of the company, the length of the company stand and other things that can support the credibility of the company. Because this can be dangerous if the company suddenly lost or closed without accounting for Hosting that is already used by you.


Facilities Unlimited

There are some features that usually make CPU load becomes high, such as his own Website, FTP, database and mailing list. This makes Web Hosting companies limit the number of these features. If you use a Web Hosting provider that does not limit it, imagine how if hundreds of users use these features simultaneously, the server will be very slow and even down. Review your options if the Web Hosting provider company offers unlimited facilities.


Server Specification

Choose a server with specifications in accordance with the needs of your Website. There are several specifications to note, such as hosting capacity, data transfer limits, Memory RAM, Add on Domains, Parked Domains and server locations. For more about information you can check