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XtraFlex Duet2

 Book Holder and
 Book Stand


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        Floor Stand

        Desk Model

 Book Light


        A/C Adapter

        Cradle Base

     XtraFlex Duet

        Cradle Base

     XtraFlex Duet2

        A/C Adapter

        Cradle Base

     Super GigLight

        A/C Adapter

     Classic Clip-on


        A/C Adapter

 USB LED Laptop
 Computer Light

 Music Light

     Super GigLight

        A/C Adapter

     Orchestra Light

     XtraFlex Duet

        Cradle Base

     XtraFlex Duet2

        A/C Adapter

        Cradle Base

     Pedal Board Light

        A/C Adapter

        Cradle Base

 Craft/Utility Light

    Vusion2 - Light
      & Magnifier

    Roadie -Keychain
      & Carabiner


    Lighted Pendant

    Flat Sheet

 Lap Desk








     Laptop Traveler


Mighty Bright Classic Readers Light



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XtraFlex Duet

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Battery LED Lights


Clip-on Book Lights...
LEDs or incandescent...
from $9.99 to $69.99

Clip-on Book Lights are a passion for us here at BookMateStore.  We use them personally for reading books and magazines, and for reading music, as everyone here is a performing musician in his spare time.  We test every design we come across, and we offer you only those we've found really do the job right.  We believe the book lights you'll find here are simply the best available.  Each one can also do double duty as a task or hobby light, portable desk or podium light, utility light or craft light.  We invite you to check them out for yourself and see which is right for you. 

XtraFlex2 LED


The XtraFlex2 LED gets LED book lights right.  It features Two Super LED lights in one head, giving you the lighting power of 6 normal LED's.  You have the option of using one or two of the Super LED lights with just a simple tap to the proprietary sensor switch.  A special lens for each LED spreads light evenly with no hot spots.  The flexible neck, which measures approximately 10 inches long including the LED head, allows you to position your lighting anywhere you want it, and it easily bends to a compact position for storage.  An extra strong book clip grips almost anything, or you may use it free standing as a task or craft light.  It's LED's never need replacing; and, weighing an incredible 3.1 oz, including batteries, this is one book light that's not going to make your book top heavy.  Runs on 3 AAA batteries or optional A/C adaptor.  CLICK HERE to buy it now.

XtraFlex Duet2 LED

Click for more details

The XtraFlex Duet 2 LED builds upon the strengths of the XtraFlex2 LED above, but adds another flexible gooseneck with two more Super LED lights, and increases the length of each neck to approximately 11 inches (including LED head) for greater reach and range of adjustment.  It's available with or without an optional A/C adapter, and an optional, weighted magnetic cradle is also available that both improves stability on a flat surface and enables you to secure your light to virtually any ferrous metal surface, such as your refrigerator door, car wheel panel, hood, tool kit, fishing tackle box, etc.  Designed as a music light, it also makes an incredible book light, or task, podium or craft light.  Each head has its own switch that toggles through 3 positions: Off, two Super LEDs on, and one Super LED on, so you can select just the right amount of light for each head.  It may be used either as a clip-on or freestanding, and its goosenecks coil compactly for easy storage.  Weighs only 3.7 oz. with batteries.  Runs on 3 AAA batteries or optional A/C adapter.  CLICK HERE to buy it now.

The optional magnetic Light Cradle attachment increases the stability of any of our XtraFlex model lights, including the XtraFlex2, Duet2 and the Pedal Board Light, when placed upright on any flat surface.  Featuring 4 non-skid rubber feet for both traction and protection, the cradle also features a strong floating magnet so your light can be attached at virtually any angle to any ferrous metal object such as a refrigerator door, a car's wheel well cover, a metal clip board or forms holder, etc.  While each of our lights can be arranged to stand on their own, with the weighted cradle, you can arrange the flexible neck(s) in any way you like and your light will always remain stable.  The cradle attaches to the base of the light with a spring-loaded clip that makes it quick and easy to attach and detach.  Weighs 2.2 oz.   CLICK HERE to buy it now.

Super GigLight


Click here for more details

The Super GigLight looks a lot like the classic Clip-on Book Light, but features a double folding mast, putting it even higher above your pages, providing a wide dispersion of full-spectrum light that's great to read by.  Originally designed as a clip-on light for a musician's music stand, where really great contrast is needed to read all those small notes, it incorporates a multiple LED head and lens that disperse a true white, daylight adjusted light across an extra-wide area.  It puts out even more light than the XtraFlex2 or  Duet2, easily illuminating the largest open book or music score!  A strong clip secures it to many of our book holders or your music stand, or it may be used free standing, attached to a podium, clipped to a tool or utility cart, or even clipped to most grand piano music racks or organ consoles that aren't more than 1/2" thick.  Its LED head is rated for 50,000 hours of use without replacement of any bulbs!  Runs on 4 AA batteries, and 4 alkaline batteries are included.  Comes with a handy carrying pouch, and an optional A/C adapter is available.  Weighs 9.2 oz. including batteries. 

Now, book readers and musicians alike have a light-weight, highly portable light - the perfect choice for everyone on the go.  It's also a great task light, podium or cart light, camp light, sewing light, boat light, hobby fact, its range of use is limited only by your imagination.  What will you do with yours?

The Super GigLight will provide good light for about 8-10 hours on a fully charged set of good alkaline batteries or about 4-5 hours using quality rechargeable batteries.  The light will actually run much longer, but grows progressively dimmer over time.

While we heartily endorse these lights for all kinds of uses including reading books, music and magazines, we only recommend them where they won't be clipped directly to manually held book or book or music holder.  The design of the clip puts most of the weight above the highest part of whatever it's clipped to, making it a bit top heavy and hard to hold manually for long periods.  In the right applications, though, these are our very finest light currently available.  CLICK HERE to buy it now.

Incandescent "Classic" Clip-on Book Light

For years we've offered you the fantastic Classic Clip-on Book Light from Mighty Bright because it was the only clip-on light that satisfactorily lit an entire paperback book, top to bottom and side to side, with a  warm, pleasing light by which your could read comfortably.  We've sold hundreds of these lights for readers, and we've also sold them to choirs for use outdoors, in darkened churches and in performance halls.  We've even sold them to illuminate small works of art at museum exhibitions!  They are a great light, weigh only 6.1 oz. including 4 AA batteries, are very reasonably priced, and we'll proudly continue to sell and support them.  (Batteries not included with purchase of light.  Optional A/C adapter is available.)  CLICK HERE to buy it now.

While the Classic Mighty Bright is both dependable and versatile, it has a maintenance issue: like all incandescent lights, its bulbs burn out, and they have to be replaced every 20-40 hours of use.  While replacement bulbs are available for about $2.00 each, the cost can mount up over time.  For example, compare the cost of replacement incandescent bulbs to rated life expectancies of 30,000 hours or more for LED's:  Assuming each incandescent bulb lasted at least 40 hours, you would have to buy 750 replacement bulbs to get as many hours use out of a light that used incandescent bulb as the LED design, which would cost you $1,500.00, not counting shipping and handling!  Clearly, paying a little more for an LED light could be quickly recouped if you use your light regularly.

So, we've eyed all the new, longer lasting LED designs ever since they were first developed.   We had about given up hope when we were finally found the LED lights we now feature here.  Each of them does get it right, providing excellent lights for reading while offering incredible savings over the useful light of the device.

So, there you have them:  the very best designs in book lights for virtually any use.  Check out color options and pricing below, be sure to include the accessories you'll want, and we'll ship your choices right to your door or any address you direct.  Whichever type you choose, LED or incandescent, you'll love the way they light all your reading materials.  Each can add substantially to your reading pleasure.

These lights are quality imported products distributed under the Mighty Bright™ or Lampcraft™ brand names.  All our OpenPage® Book Holders/Book Covers are manufactured in the USA.  

Replacement incandescent bulbs, which are 4.8V 0.3A base flashlight bulbs, are also widely available locally or may be ordered from us as provided below. 

As with all our products, your total satisfaction is backed by both our 30-day Return Guarantee and our Product Warranty.  And  with our Volume Price Discounts, the more you buy the less you pay per unit!  Order several today...

Note: Click any image below for a larger view.  

Mighty Bright LED XtraFlex 2 Book Light - Silver

XtraFlex2 LED Book Light - Silver
(Includes 3 AAA batteries.
Optional A/C adapter available.)

Regular Price: $16.99

Special Sale Price: $14.97

Mighty Bright Duet Reading Book and Music Light - Black

XtraFlex Duet LED Book & Music Light - Black
(Requires 3 AAA batteries, included.  A/C adapter not available.)

Price: $24.99

We're sorry. This light is no longer available.

Readers Light - XtraFlex Duet2 LED Book & Music Light

XtraFlex Duet2 LED Book &
Music Light, Deluxe Set - Black
(includes A/C adapter but no batteries)

Price: $39.99

Special Sale Price: $34.99

GigLight LED Clip-on Book and Music Light - Black

Super GigLight Music & Book Light - Black
(Includes light, pouch and 4 AA alkaline batteries)

Price: $69.00

This item is currently out of stock

Might Bright Classic Clip-on Book Light - Black

Classic Clip-on Book Light - Black (Incandescent)
(Requires 4 AA batteries or A/C adapter, not included.)

Price: $9.99

We are no longer carrying this item.

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