7 Simple Gift Rules For Wedding Guests

Once that wedding invitation from your friends arrives, you have a lot of choices to make. Don’t let worries about gift-giving spoil your anticipation for the big day! You can easily master the etiquette of wedding gifts by sticking to these sevens simple rules:

1) Give Something That Has Meaning

You can’t “win” wedding gifting by trying to out-spend all the other guests. In a lot of cases, the gifts the bride and groom will treasure most are the thoughtful ones. Take some time to think through what you know about the happy couple. What do you know about their interests, tastes and hobbies? Can you strike on a gift that suits their shared personalities?

Bear in mind that you don’t necessarily have to present the couple with something tangible. Making your gift an experience (e.g. concert tickets or a booking at a romantic seaside resort) can be a winning strategy. Surveys show that “experience” gifts are often better received than material ones because they present the new couple with an opportunity to make fond memories together.

2) Give Something From the Gift List

Couples that put together extensive gift lists do their friends a great favour and take …

SEO Strategies that are Often Overlooked

We often don’t know what SEO strategies we should use. SEO itself is important to be easily tracked by Google in its search engine. If we do not understand what is used, it will be fatal. It is possible that the articles are not spread well and lack readers.

However, do you know there are strategies that are often overlooked by many people? whereas this strategy can be used to help your SEO process.

Here is the strategy you can use for SEO:

1. Eliminate the “dead weight page” pages

Dead weight page is a term used for several pages on a website that has been overlooked / seldom appeared but is pretty much blocking the performance of LinkHelpers Scottsdale SEO. Some of the pages in this category are old posts, product pages that do not generate sales (in the sense that people are rarely visited), archive pages etc.

The claim, by deleting these pages can increase organic traffic by up to 50%.

2. Shorten the permalink / URL

In one article or post, the permalink usually follows what is written in the title. So if the title is long, it will go along too. Long URLs will confuse …

Returning Styles to Look Out For in 2018

Fashion is a tricky one to get right. Trends can be misunderstood and when done wrong, they can make for some unusual, and often scary, combinations. One trend that seems to be back for good is a revival of 90s fashion trends and styles.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, then you’ll know that, slowly but surely, the styles you once thought had disappeared forever have been creeping back to life. To keep you up to date with the returning styles of 2018, have a look through this list.



Gone are the days of spray-on denim jeans. This year sees the resurgence of “Dad Denim” – think less “super-skinny” and more “loose-fit”. Denim has had a major revival and there are more styles on offer now than ever before and can easily be styled to your individual taste. For classic combinations, think T-Shirts, statement trainers and loose fitting shirts and you’re on the right track.


Tropical Prints

It can sometimes seem that menswear designers are out to play tricks on us, but not this time – the tropical print shirt is back with a bang! To ease your …